HPC News Bytes 20231023: Flared Gas GPU Cloud, IBM AI Chip, TSMC Q3 Earnings, Aurora Install; AI and More AI

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Happy October morn to you. Here’s our fleet-footed (5:20) run through recent HPC news:

– HPE Cray XD supercomputers  to be utilized at Crusoe Cloud’s modular generative AI data centers whose energy source is, among other sustainables, otherwise wasted flared gas. Crusoe said its use of this source of energy prevented methane emissions equivalent to removing approximately 170,000 gasoline-powered cars from the roads.

– IBM announced a new microprocessor prototype from its research lab in California, long in the making, the NorthPole AI chip, that the company said has the potential to upend how and where AI is used efficiently.

– TSMC announces down-trending Q3 financials in the face of red-hot demand for advanced GPUs.

– Focus on AI : a steady stream of AI news about artificial general intelligence, AI in robots, and sensors implanted in AI and in things and humans — including detection of brain waves as input to AI. All indicative of the feenzy of development in a brand new well-funded fertile area.

– Comments on the current state of the Aurora exascale-class system installation at Argonne National Lab.

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