@HPCpodcast: Pete Ungaro Sounds Off on the State of HPC-AI

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In this episode, the second in our “Industry View” series (see our conversation with Alain Andreoli), we are delighted to speak with Pete Ungaro, long-time luminary and respected industry leader in HPC-AI. Ungaro, a globally recognized technology executive, ws named to the “40 under 40” by Corporate Leader Magazine in 2008, and CEO of the Year by Seattle Business Monthly for 2006. In 2013, Bloomberg News named him a Top Tech Turnaround Artist.

He most recently was at HPE serving as SVP/GM of High Performance Computing, Mission Critical Systems and HPE Labs. Previously, he was president and CEO of Cray Inc. until its acquisition by HPE in 2019. Prior to joining Cray in 2003, he served as VP of Worldwide Deep Computing Sales for IBM.

In this episode, we cover the Cray journey as it became the winner in exascale systems, the HPE acquisition, the challenges of delivering a new extreme-scale system during COVID, a look at HPC software, storage, power and cooling, quantum computing, the opportunities and challenges of AI, and the geopolitics of high tech.

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