Exascale’s New Software Frontier: E3SM-MMF

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Exascale’s New Frontier,” a project from the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, explores the new applications and software technology for driving scientific discoveries in the exascale era.

The Scientific Challenge

Gauging the likely impact of a warming climate on global and regional water cycles poses one of the top challenges in climate change prediction. Scientists need climate models that span decades and include detailed atmospheric, oceanic, and ice conditions in order to make useful predictions. But 3D models of the complicated interactions between these elements, particularly the churning, convective motion behind cloud formation, have remained computationally expensive and outside the reach of even the largest, most powerful supercomputers — until now.

Why Exascale?

The Energy, Exascale and Earth System Model-Multiscale Modeling Framework – or E3SM-MMF – project overcomes these obstacles by combining a new cloud physics model with massive exascale throughput to enable climate simulations that run at unprecedented speed and scale. The E3SM-MMF team has spent five years optimizing these codes for exascale supercomputers to provide the highest resolution of climate simulations that can span decades.

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