Exaion and PINQ² to Launch the HPC-Quantum Platform in Quebec

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Montreal and Paris, April 12, 2024: Exaion, a Canadian subsidiary of the EDF Group (Électricité de France), a developer of digital service platforms aimed at eco-responsibility1, and  PINQ² (Québec Digital and Quantum Innovation Platform), a non-profit organization created by the Quebec government and the University of Sherbrooke, announced plans to launch by the end of 2024, a hybrid HPC-quantum platform, which is intended in the future to leverage quantum computing using a variety of quantum systems, including Qandela’s for which PINQ² and Exaion will maintain all data in Canada.

PINQ² and Exaion intend to work together to leverage IBM-developed APIs2 to integrate the IBM Quantum System One, deployed at IBM Bromont and operated by PINQ². The API integration with the HPC-quantum platform will be carried out by Exaion and PINQ².

This innovative project, the result of close collaboration between French and Quebec players, notably in the context of the Alternate Prime Ministers’ Meeting, aims to be a major advancement in hybrid quantum-classical computing. It is part of the effort to strengthen the quantum sciences ecosystem in Quebec, a mission at the heart of DistriQ, the quantum innovation zone located in Sherbrooke, with the launch last September by PINQ² of the IBM Quantum System One quantum computer.

This integration resulting from cooperation between the different stakeholders, aims to combine the power of supercomputers and quantum computers to offer industrialists and public companies in the region secure data access to this advanced computing power. With this cutting-edge technology, organizations will be able to explore solutions to significant challenges affecting many industries in new and powerful ways.

This integration aims to open new horizons for research and development in key sectors such as health, energy, the manufacturing industry, the environment, and sustainable development. Such computing power is intended to be the first such instance hosted from Quebec and will be made available to Quebec and Canadian players and European companies with the ambition to increase their presence in North America.

The objective shared by all partners is to advance quantum technology, train a skilled workforce and propel Quebec as a global benchmark player in digital and innovation.
This project represents a total investment of 25 million CAD dollars over five years, supported by Exaion and its partners, including the development, operation, algorithmic deployment and provision of quantum computing power.

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy at the Government of Québec, declared: “With this platform, Québec is further on its way to becoming one of the world’s leaders in quantum science. Giving Québec and international companies access to cutting-edge infrastructure is key to accelerating their development and consolidating our quantum technology know-how.”

Fatih Balyeli, CEO and co-founder of Exaion, said: “With this major investment and the leveraging of our unique expertise, we want to help Quebec become an essential hub for quantum computing, but also a place for all industrialists and public organizations who wish to maintain their data in Canada. We are proud to support the PINQ² platform and the DistriQ quantum innovation zone, in their respective developments.”

Éric Capelle, Managing Director of PINQ², said: “The collaboration between Exaion and PINQ² for the deployment in Quebec of an HPC-quantum hybrid platform geared to leverage future quantum computing is a historic milestone for Quebec and for the entire digital and quantum industry. This partnership illustrates our common commitment to propel innovation, train the talent of tomorrow and position Quebec as a world leader in the field of quantum computing. We are proud to contribute to this technological advancement which will open new perspectives for businesses and researchers, while providing a platform that permits partners to maintain their data in Canada.”

Martin Énault, General Manager of DistriQ, Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke, said: “This strategic partnership between Exaion and PINQ² illustrates the commitment to the technological leadership of Quebec and opens new opportunities for Quebec and Canadian companies, as well as for companies looking to expand into North America.”

Exaion, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, was co-founded in 2020 by Fatih Balyeli and Laurent Bernou-Mazars, who became respectively its CEO and CTO. Aligned with the Group’s raison d’être, Exaion supports industries in their digital transformation with a responsible and sustainable approach: upgrading old supercomputers, using largely
decarbonized electricity1, and recovering waste heat. Its mission revolves around data: accelerating its processing, ensuring its security, and facilitating access and control for users. Its experts develop efficient, innovative and sovereign solutions and services. Exaion Inc., its subsidiary based in Montreal, Canada, serves the needs of North American stakeholders. For further information: exaion.edf.fr/en

1 In France Exaion’s activities emitted 38 grams of CO2 per kWh in 2023, which is about 10 to 20 times less than the
average of North American and Asian suppliers. In France, the electricity produced by EDF in 2022 was over 96% CO2
emission-free, thanks to nuclear power and renewable energies. Scope : EDF SA / Source: EDF,
2 Application Programming Interface

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