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People speak of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution where computers are being used to create data-derived models that have better than human predictive accuracy. The end result has been an explosive adoption of the technology that has also fueled a number of extraordinary scientific, algorithmic, software, and hardware developments. AI-HPC is on the rise and is growing in popularity throughout the industry.

Using AI to make better and more informed decisions as well as autonomous decisions means bigger and more complex data sets are being used for training.

HPC and the data driven AI communities are converging as they are arguably running the same types of data and compute intensive workloads on HPC hardware, be it on a leadership class supercomputer, small institutional cluster, or in the cloud.

This white paper is a high level educational piece that will address this convergence, the existing ecosystem of affordable technologies, and the current software ecosystem that everyone can use. Use cases will be provided to illustrate how people apply these AI technologies to solve HPC problems.

Download the insideHPC Special Report, brought to you by Intel, to learn more about AI-HPC and how today's businesses are using this technology.

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