Critical Liquid Cooling Considerations in Electronics

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liquid cooling

As data centers and high performance computing continue to drive demand for higher densities and increased efficiency, liquid cooling is expanding as a method of thermal management. System and Information Technology Equipment (ITE) providers must now work to incorporate fluid handling components alongside critical electronic equipment.

Connectors are crucial to the safe and reliable operation of liquid cooling systems; however, the appropriate specifications for these components are often poorly understood.

Well-designed fluid connectors used in liquid cooling:

  • Easily facilitate connection, disconnection and rerouting of fluid though computing clusters.
  • Support 100% uptime during installation, reconfiguration and maintenance.
  • Allow secure, efficient, reliable and leak-free management fluids within the liquid cooling system.

In specifying connectors for a liquid cooling system, the characteristics and performance parameters outlined in this CPC report are useful in ensuring the components will function optimally relative to overall system requirements — particularly in HPC and data center environments.

Download the new white paper from CPC that provides a technical guide for connectors when considering a liquid cooling system for your HPC and data center environments.

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