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Whether an enterprise is designing a new autonomous car, predicting the next weather phenomenon, or using genetic profiles to deliver the next-generation of personalized medicine, we’ve only just begun to understand the full potential of HPC for businesses in nearly every industry. This white paper give several examples and tips on how to leverage HPC in the enterprise.

Despite the proven benefits of HPC in the enterprise, many businesses still struggle to overcome the complexity of deploying HPC solutions in their enterprise. Particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises, the same IT employee who handles payroll might also be tasked with learning and implementing a new HPC architecture. Most businesses would prefer to focus more attention on improving the quality and delivery of their products and services, and less on overcoming a significant technological learning curve or needing to act as system administrators for large HPC clusters.

Companies in every industry struggle with distinct challenges which require computing solutions that are tailored to address specific market dynamics. Industry solutions from HPE extend across a wide range of vertical markets and applications, helping enterprises build the IT foundation to solve their most critical business needs. With an ongoing commitment to creating and delivering engineered solutions which target specific verticals and specific customers within those verticals, we’re custom-building solutions that address a particular workload and help solve even the most daunting industry-specific challenges. Here are a few examples of how we’re helping companies in specific vertical markets leverage HPC as a competitive weapon.

To learn more about how to leverage HPC in your enterprise, download this white paper.

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