Improving Speed, Scalability and the Customer Experience with In-Memory Data Grids

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in-memory data grids

Over the last decade, the new anytime, anywhere, personalized experience has driven query and transaction volumes up 10 to 1000x. It has created 50x more data about customers, products, and interactions. It has also shrunk the response times customers expect from days or hours to seconds or less. In-memory computing and tools like in-memory data grids are becoming popular storage solutions to handle this influx of data.

But many companies have focused on addressing performance and scalability challenges by scaling vertically in the short term with much more expensive hardware. But this approach is not cost effective or sustainable in the long run. System loads are growing faster than annual performance and cost improvements in hardware and show no signs of slowing down. More importantly, scaling existing systems is not enough. The customer experience must change as well.

This white paper provides an overview of in-memory computing with a focus on in-memory data grids (IMDGs) as the first foundational step in this journey. It discusses the advantages and uses of an IMDG and its role in digital transformation and improving the customer experience. It also introduces the GridGain® in-memory computing platform, and explains GridGain’s IMDG and other capabilities that have helped companies add speed and scalability to their existing applications.

Download the new report from GridGain to learn how in-memory computing and in-memory data grids are tackling today's data storage challenges.

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