GridGain is revolutionizing enterprise data access and processing by offering the first enterprise-grade In-Memory Data Fabric built on Apache Ignite™. The In-Memory Data Fabric is designed to conquer today’s Fast Data challenges and unleash the competitive advantage of any real-time business, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Offering the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade in-memory computing solution for high-volume transactions, real-time analytics and hybrid data processing, GridGain enables Fortune 500 companies and innovative mobile, web and SaaS companies to anticipate and innovate ahead of market changes.

You’ll never need to process or analyze less data. The speed of business will never be slower. Your business challenges will never be simpler. Now is the time for In-Memory Computing — and only GridGain can give you the peace of mind of a proven and comprehensive solution for your most performance-critical, hyperscale data and applications.


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