Modernizing and Future-Proofing Your Storage Infrastructure

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In this insideHPC Special Research Report sponsored by Seagate, "Modernizing and Future-Proofing Your Storage Infrastructure," we take a look at the importance of modernizing your HPC storage infrastructure.

In large capacity data environments, different applications and workflows will always have data storage and access requirements, making it critical for planning to understand that a heterogeneous storage infrastructure is needed for a fully functioning organization. Most organizations require both High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies as well as other IT functionalities.

Historically, when organizations need HPC capacity, it means a dedicated facility, dedicated system
administrators, a separate budget and independence from the rest of the IT organization. The hardware,
software and networking are probably put out to bid to a few select system integrators (or the systems vendors themselves), and a long and involved procurement process follows. This may involve specific benchmarks, architectural designs and compatibility matrices (what component worked with what other component). All these disparate parts and vendors and budgets result in one, less-than-ideal thing: a silo created specifically for the organization’s HPC infrastructure.

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