Panasas PanFS 8: Architectural Overview

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HPC environments, by their very nature, tend to be large and are usually quite complex. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries in life and physical sciences or supporting reliable engineering, it takes many compute nodes operating together to analyze or simulate the problems at hand. The quantity of data required, and the access performance to keep all those compute nodes busy, can only be met by a true parallel file system, one that maximizes the efficiency all storage media in a seamless, total-performance storage system.

The PanFS® parallel file system delivers the highest performance among competitive HPC storage systems at any capacity, and takes the complexity and unreliability of typical high-performance computing (HPC) storage systems off your hands, and it does so using commodity hardware at competitive price points.

In this white paper, we’re going to take a “breadth-first” tour of the architecture of PanFS, looking at its key components then diving deep into the main benefits.

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