Sun technology aimed at connecting multi-threaded processors

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Sun is talking today about its new silicon-based technology for connecting multi-threading processors (like, say, the Niagara 2) to the network

[Sun] today unveiled its Sun Multithreaded 10 Gig E Networking Technology, the first network interface specifically designed to accelerate multi-threaded application performance by optimizing I/O throughput within environments that utilize parallel threads.

Also today, Sun is introducing the first product based on the Sun Multithreaded 10 Gig E Networking Technology, the Sun Multithreaded Networking Card. It is ideal for virtualization because you can assign the right amount of network bandwidth to all virtualized applications


  1. […] It’s written almost as an InfiniBand marketing piece, but it still has value as an “issue awareness” piece. Recall that Sun was talking about its new multithreaded 10 Gig E card designed specifically to enable its multicore chips to get to the network more effectively. I’d be interested in knowing what readers think. […]

  2. […] The announcement is reminiscent of Sun’s dual-port multithreaded networking announcement back in February of this year. […]


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