Write code, earn cash and prizes

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HPCwire is carrying news from AMD on new coding competitions to be held throughout 2008

AMD logoAMD today announced a collaboration with TopCoder, the leader in software development programming competitions, to host quarterly coding competitions throughout 2008 focused on advancing multi-threading application development for multi-core processor architectures. Called Multicore Threadfest, the competitions provide a forum for the software development community to demonstrate advanced multi-threading principles, techniques and best practices. Competition winners will be awarded cash prizes and earn recognition throughout the developer community, with each of four series prize winners having his or her code posted on the AMD Developer Central website (http://developer.amd.com), a resource portal for the software developer community.

The idea — a good one I think — is to advance the state of the art in multi-threaded programming in a contest setting.

Held throughout 2008 beginning on March 12, these unique coding competitions are each scheduled to run several weeks in duration. The winners of Multicore Threadfest will receive cash prizes ranging from $250 to $2,500. Each of four first prize winners’ code, expected to be announced within a week of the competition’s close, will be made available on AMD’s Developer Central at http://developer.amd.com/.


  1. The link to HPCwire is a 404 one.

  2. sileNT: that’s not suprising. They’ve reorganized their site and probably broken all the old links.