IBM Blue Gene used by bank for real time financial processing

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Speaking of the challenges of managing really big data (as I was in HPCwire last week), we have this nugget of news from IBM

IBM logoIBM announced a partnership with TD Bank Financial Group to explore the use of IBM’s breakthrough “Stream Computing” software system which will utilize the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer. Together, they will explore a fundamentally new software architecture that examines thousands of real-time information sources to support financial services companies as they capitalize on up-to-the-minute changing market conditions.

“Today’s hardware and software is not optimized for real-time analysis of data. They came from a paradigm that paused and then queried a database of past information to give an answer while new information was still coming in that may affect the outcome,” said Nagui Halim, chief scientist of the Stream Computing project in IBM Research. “We’ve designed and constructed a computing system from the ground up to provide continual analytics as events happen, which has very powerful applications in financial services, government, and many other scientific and business areas.”