Red Hat announces new HPC distro, earlier than expected

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Thanks to Tiffany (hi, Tiffany!) for pointing me to news from Red Hat that they announced their new HPC distro today, well ahead of the Oct 7 date reported by Linux Today. From the release

…The Red Hat HPC Solution incorporates all of the components necessary to deploy and maintain HPC clusters, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, the world’s leading open source operating system, and Platform Computing’s cluster software framework, Platform Open Cluster Stack 5. The solution also includes device drivers, a simple cluster installer, cluster management tools, a resource and application monitor, interconnect support and Platform Lava, a powerful job scheduler.

For deploying and managing HPC clusters, Red Hat, Dell and Platform Computing have also partnered to offer customers a comprehensive cluster computing package, Platform Open Cluster Stack (OCS), to ease cluster deployment, management and operation of the Red Hat HPC Solution.

Definitely not cheap, though, with prices starting at $249/node. As the website says, it’s “available today.”


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  1. $249 a node? That’s far too much. We’ve been thinking of kicking RedHat to the curb and using another distribution over the $50 per node charge we pay now. No way we’ll get another $200 per node approved, in our case, that’d be well over half a million dollars increase. Its much cheaper just to higher developers to roll our own tools.