Wallach to receive Seymour Cray Award

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Reader John Becker just sent in a bit of HPC news about computer pioneer Steve Wallach.

Wallach is specifically named for his “contribution to high-performance computing through design of innovative vector and parallel computing systems, notably the Convex mini-supercomputer series, a distinguished industrial career and acts of public service.”
“This is one of our industry’s greatest honors and I am deeply honored,” said Steven Wallach, Chief Scientist for Convey Computer Corporation. “At Convex Computer Corp., and now at Convey we are showing that you can have a highly productive software environment coupled with high performance computing. I have always believed that the machine that is simplest to program will ultimately win.”

The award will be given at SC08 in Austin, and includes some award gear and a $10,000 check.

He wouldn’t remember me from Adam, but during the late 90s I was on one of the Supercomputing XY committees with Steve. I had several dinner conversations with him and thought he was an all-around swell guy. Congratulations, Steve!


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