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Intel reports quarterly results, posts loss

Intel posted its quarterly results this week too and, thanks to that hefty EU fine, managed to lose money this quarter

Intel logoIntel Corporation today reported second-quarter revenue of $8.0 billion. Excluding the effects of the European Commission fine, the company had non-GAAP operating income of $1.4 billion, net income of $1.0 billion and EPS of 18 cents. On a GAAP-basis, the company reported an operating loss of $12 million, a net loss of $398 million and a loss per share of 7 cents.

Here’s a free tip for you, dear reader. As you scan quarterly results postings and you see “non-GAAP,” stop and read more slowly. That’s a company that’s probably lost money and is trying to put a brave face on the news. In this case though the loss isn’t related to consumer behavior or the fundamentals of the chips business — in fact, revenue was up from $7.145B the previous quarter (but down almost $1.5B from Q2 a year ago).


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