Microsoft announces free tools for manipulating scientific data

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Dr. Dobb’s reported yesterday on news coming out of the 10th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit about new, freely available tools that Microsoft hopes will encourage researchers to do more with the large amounts of data now available to them

Microsoft logoProject Trident was developed by Microsoft Research’s External Research Division specifically to support the scientific community. Project Trident is implemented on top of Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation, using the existing functionality of a commercial workflow engine based on Microsoft SQL Server and Windows HPC Server cluster technologies. DryadLINQ is a combination of the Dryad infrastructure for running parallel systems, developed in the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley lab, and the Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) extensions to the C# programming language. Dryad was designed to simplify the task of implementing distributed applications on clusters of Windows-based computers. DryadLINQ is an abstraction layer, which simplifies the process of implementing Dryad-based applications.

…Project Trident combines gaming graphics with workflow technologies to create a powerful visualization tool that makes large-scale, complex scientific data not only easy to review and analyze, but also easy to manage, reproduce and share. It enables researchers to build experiments that formerly required heavy involvement from computer scientists. To give the solution enough “horsepower” to process very large data sets, Dryad and DryadLINQ allow Project Trident to be run on distributed systems or large compute clusters.


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  1. thats interesting.. i have been currently using Saas project management tool called DeskAway.. its better than the one by microsoft.