Tabor Communications sells Tabor Research business

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Tabor Communications, the publishers of HPCwire, have announced that they have sold their Tabor Research line of business to a new company created by Tabor Research’s former leadership, Addison Snell and Chris Willard. The new company is called InterSect360 Research

The all-cash transaction establishes InterSect360 Research as an independent business and preserves an ongoing content and research relationship between the two companies. InterSect360 Research will continue to derive forward-looking industry knowledge from the views and opinions of the worldwide HPCwire readership, and Tabor Communications will maintain rights to distribute overview content from the InterSect360 market advisory service. The editors and analysts from each company will also continue to collaborate on joint projects, such as the HPCwire Soundbite podcast series.

InterSect360 Research takes over all the contracts, databases, reports, and IP of Tabor Research. When I talked with Addison ahead of the sale he was very excited about his new venture, and thought it would be a good thing for his clients and for Tabor Communications

…Tom is a visionary businessman in HPC and a pleasure to work for and with. Tom has been very good to me and others in our careers, and he and I both believe this arrangement will lead to success for both Tabor Research and HPCwire. Furthermore I could have no better partner than Chris Willard, who carries the most respected opinions in the HPC industry.

In fact, it should be almost transparent to our clients. Tabor Research will still survey the HPCwire readership for actionable, forward-looking trends in HPC, and we will also still provide occasional content for HPCwire. The organizational separation will let us each invest in our own business lines as we feel appropriate for growth.

This change comes amidst others at Tabor Communications, including the recent departure of Debra Goldfarb as head of the business, that appear to be focusing the company more strongly around its flagship publication.


  1. Anonymous says

    Out of curiosity, where did Deb head off to, anyone know? She has always struck me as a very interesting, very bright woman – it’s good to keep track of what those people are doing.

  2. Anon – I have heard through the grapevine that she is somehow involved in Microsoft’s HPC efforts. A great place for her skills I think.