Open Grid Forum president says grids not dead yet

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OGF president Craig Lee contributed an opinion piece to iSGTW last week opining (unsurprisingly) that grids aren’t dead yet. He sees a role for all the work that has gone before in grid computing as users seek to federate clouds

To sum it all up in one phrase – grids are about federation; clouds are about provisioning. To say “data can cross enterprise and data center boundaries in new ways” is to elide the issues of security and governance across administrative domains. These issues have to be addressed regardless of what technology is being used.

…Buzzwords become loaded with baggage from previous implementations and hype resulting in unrealized expectations. (It is hard to imagine that cloud computing will be completely immune to unrealized expectations!) The advent of cloud computing is indeed an important evolutionary step, but the federation concept is looming larger than ever – whatever we call it.

More in the full article.


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