UCLA Deploys Shipping Container HPC

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HP’s Marc Hamilton blogs about a new container-based datacenter at UCLA. As an alternative to building a new building to house new HPC compute resources, the university elected to deploy the HP POD in a parking lot behind the famous Royce Performance Hall.

UCLA will be using the POD to house high performance computing systems from, you guessed it, HP, which will be used by students and faculty across a wide range of projects. Unlike many university data centers that might have been designed decades ago, HP PODs are designed to handle the high density power and cooling requirements of modern high performance computing systems like the HP Proliant SL390. With integrated support for the latest Nvidia M2070 GPGPUs, Mellanox 10G/IB networking, the latest Intel Westmere processors including the fastest 130 watt parts, and SSD/Flash options ranging from standard SSD to Fusion-IO, there is no better industry standard HPC server on the market than the SL390.


  1. Wow another amazing application for these versatile boxes.

    Commercial Offices, Hotels, Homes, Storage Units and even HP Data Centers. They have to be the most versatile building element in town.

    Are these standardized ISO containers or are they purpose built ?