Video: The Mont-Blanc Approach Towards Exascale

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In this video, Alex Ramirez from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya presents: The Mont-Blanc Approach Towards Exascale.

During the 90’s, microprocessors killed the vector supercomputers as soon as they implemented the required features for HPC due to their lower costs and higher energy efficiency. Nowadays, we may be ready to take the next step and see how embedded processors , which are implementing the required features for HPC, may kill microprocessors due to their lower cost and higher energy efficiency. The Mont-Blanc project leads a new approach towards energy efficient supercomputers based on mobile and embedded technologies.”

Recorded at the HPC Advisory Council Workshop 2012 in Malaga. Download the slides (PDF).

In related news, a Mont-Blanc BoF session will be held at SC12 in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Nov. 13th at 5:30pm-7pm.


  1. It was a really inspiring conference. Thanks to Alex for sharing such amazing project. It must be wonderful to be part of it

  2. Glad you liked it Jose. See you next year in Barcelona