Nvidia Adds New Cuda Education Centers, Beefs up Program Rewards

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Over at the Nvidia Blog, Chandra Cheij writes that another 10 institutions from six countries were added this past quarter to our roster of CUDA Research Centers and CUDA Teaching Centers, bringing the total to 238. Now in 42 countries, CUDA Teaching Centers equip tens of thousands of students graduating each year with the knowledge and expertise to take advantage of the parallel processing power of GPUs. They get free teaching kits, textbooks, software licenses, NVIDIA CUDA architecture-enabled GPUs for teaching lab computers and academic discounts for additional hardware.

Separately, we are excited to announce that we’ve upgraded our Center Rewards Program. Anyone at one of our CUDA Centers can receive a 15 percent discount on all the latest Tesla Kepler GPU accelerators from any preferred solution provider. The CUDA Center Reward Pricing applies to Tesla K20X for servers, Tesla K20 for servers and workstations and Tesla K10 for servers (some limitations will apply).

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  1. That would be most interesting to see on my study as well. I think Nvidia stands at the forefront of what computers and technology is able to make us do. I hope Nvidia will be looking towards doing something on Teaching Centers in The Netherlands as well 🙂