Rob Farber on the Far-reaching HPC Implications from GTC 2013

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In this video, CUDA book author Rob Farber discusses the recent Nvidia keynote at the 2013 GPU Technology Conference. As a technologist, Rob thinks some of the things that weren’t said by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang during the talk are very significant in terms of high performance computing and the business of accelerated computing.


  1. Very awesome interview with Rob Farber 🙂

  2. Bill D'Amico says

    Nice interview. I’m sure your readers are aware that the 1 TB/s bandwidth is on the card only. How to get the data from disk or system memory to the card is a problem that still needs to be addressed – PCIe3 doesn’t cut it. IB attached GPUs? There are some cool novel architectures to think about here.