Motivair Active Cooling System Makes it Simple for HPC Datacenters

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In this video from SC13, Rich Whitmore from Motivair describes the company’s active cooling door system that can be fitted to the rear of any new or existing server rack.

In-row rack coolers with containment systems require increased use of valuable data center floor space, increased energy consumption, and a rigid architecture system that is not conducive to rapid changes. The Motivair Chilled Door system is designed to overcome these issues by providing effective cooling of individual racks, regardless of the server heat load at any given time. This is accomplished by the use of a PLC controller and multiple EC fans that sense the temperature of each rack and respond with the appropriate fan speed and chilled water flow through the integral cooling coil. This is a dynamic process that automatically tracks the air temperature leaving each rack and adjusts the Chilled Door® performance accordingly. This results in the most effective high density rack cooling system currently available, utilizing any existing or new chilled water supply.

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