Numascale Builds Scalable Shared Memory Systems at SC13

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In this video from SC13, Einer Rustad from Numascale describes how the company’s innovative products enable you to build scalable shared memory systems from standard servers. The company recently announced the successful validation of the large shared memory NumaConnect cluster at University of Oslo in Norway, which was installed under a prototype PRACE study assessing emerging new technologies for European HPC.

The big differentiator for NumaChip compared to other high-speed interconnect technologies is the shared memory and cache coherency mechanisms. These features allow programs to access any memory location and any memory mapped I/O device in a multiprocessor system with high degree of efficiency. It provides scalable systems with a unified programming model that stays the same from the small multi-core machines used in laptops and desktops to the largest imaginable single system image machines that may contain thousands of processors. The architecture is commonly classified as ccNuma or Numa but the interconnect system can alternatively be used as low latency clustering interconnect.”

With a newly available whitepaper penned by Douglas Eadline, the company is showing impressive performance on OpenMP and MPI benchmarks. Read the Full Story or see more from the show in out SC13 Video Gallery.