Scalable Informatics Pushes the Limits of IO for Big Data at SC13

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In this video from SC13, Joe Landman from Scalable Informatics describes the company’s array of innovative storage devices for high performance data analysis.

By working with Inktank we have been able to produce a very high performance flexible storage system that is extremely reliable,” says Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “When testing a read- dominated workload using Kx kdb+, Ceph outperformed running on the native block devices, demonstrating its low overhead, I/O optimization, and scalability. These STAC benchmark numbers assert the dominating I/O performance of Ceph running on Scalable’s hardware platform.”

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  1. Sharan Kalwani says

    Si has always captured and delivered the spirit of the SMB HPC entrepreneur. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the finer points of I/O.