ISC to Hold First-Ever Exhibitors Innovation Forum

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ISC’14 has announced the first-ever Exhibitors Innovation Forum, an exciting opportunity to help first-time exhibitors at ISC share the stories behind their product development as well as recent technical or commercial successes. Their goal is to bring the successful candidates face to face with users, collaborators and the media in a new format we’re calling the “Exhibitors Innovation Forum.”

The forum will take place in the exhibition hall on June 24-25. Each of the 10 selected companies will receive an eight-minute presentation slot followed by a two- minute question and answer session which will be moderated by an industry expert.

We encourage all first-time exhibitors to submit their application. However, only those who meet the participation criteria will be chosen. The selection will be done by an expert-led steering committee. This year, we will be giving ten organizations the opportunity to share their story with the ISC attendees, so we encourage you to make the best pitch and win a slot.

Read the Full Story for submission information.

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  1. Nages Sieslack says

    Hi Rich,

    Thank you for the post.

    You should have mentioned that you are a member of the steering committee 🙂
    We are glad that you are loaning your expertise along with Steve Conway of IDC and Ad Emmen of Primeur.