Recent Advances in High Performance Computing for Multiphysics Problems

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In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Brazil Conference, Álvaro Coutinho from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro presents: Recent Advances in High Performance Computing for Multiphysics Problems.

In this talk we consider multiphysics applications our group has been working in the last years from algorithmic, software and hardware perspectives. These encompass engineering applications such extreme wave-structure interaction phenomena in floating structures, coupled multi-material flow with heat transfer and polydisperse mixtures, the latter with applications in geology. We also discuss forecasting the stochastic space, quantifying uncertainty propagation in initial conditions. We will show that these differ- ent applications present several algorithmic similarities, which lead to common imple- mentation approaches on modern high performance computers. Topics as parallel linear and nonlinear equation solving, mesh generation and visualization will also be addressed.”

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