Video: Intel Omni Scale Fabric to Power Next-Generation HPC

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In this video, Barry Davis from Intel describes the company’s new Omni Scale Fabric, an integrated, high performance interconnect designed for CPU to CPU communications. With fabric integration, future Intel processors will be able to communicate at high speeds without the need for network interface cards or having to go through the PCIe bus.


According to Davis, Omni Scale was developed to address a need for networks to keep up with increasing processing speeds. And while Omni Scale is not InfiniBand, it does offer compatibility for applications developed for the company’s True Scale flavor of InfiniBand, which Intel acquired from Qlogic a few years ago.

Intel is re-architecting the fundamental building block of HPC systems by integrating the Intel Omni Scale Fabric into Knights Landing, marking a significant inflection and milestone for the HPC industry,” said Charles Wuischpard, vice president and general manager of Workstations and HPC at Intel. “Knights Landing will be the first true many-core processor to address today’s memory and I/O performance challenges. It will allow programmers to leverage existing code and standard programming models to achieve significant performance gains on a wide set of applications. Its platform design, programming model and balanced performance makes it the first viable step towards exascale.”

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