Farber to Teach All-Day Tutorial At SC14

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Farber-SC14Over at TechEnablement, Rob Farber writes that he will be teaching an all-day tutorial “From ‘Hello World’ to Exascale Using x86, GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors” (tut106s1) at SC14 in New Orleans. The tutorial takes place on Sunday November 16, 2014.

Both GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors can provide a teraflop/s performance. Working source code will demonstrate how to achieve such high performance using OpenACC, OpenMP, CUDA, and Intel Xeon Phi. Key data structures for GPUs and multi-core such as low-wait counters, accumulators, and massively-parallel stack will be covered. Short understandable examples will walk students from “Hello World” first programs to exascale capable computation via a generic mapping for numerical optimization that demonstrates near-linear scaling on conventional, GPU, and Intel Xeon Phi based leadership class supercomputers. Students will work hands-on with code that actually delivers a teraflop/s average performance per device plus MPI code that scales to the largest leadership class supercomputers, and leave with the ability to solve generic optimization problems including data intensive PCA (Principle Components Analysis), NLPCA (Nonlinear Principle Components), plus numerous machine learning and optimization algorithms. A generic framework for data intensive computing will be discussed and provided. Real-time visualization and video processing will also be covered because GPUs make superb big-data visualization platforms.

In related news, submissions for the SC14 Technical Program are due July 31.

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