Panasas Showcases ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0 at ISC’14

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In this video from ISC’14, Geoffrey Noer from Panasas describes the company’s new ActiveStor 16 hybrid storage appliance with the PanFS 6.0 storage operating system.

The hybrid ActiveStor 16 system blends cost efficient disk-based storage with additional flash capacity and metadata performance, making the platform an optimal choice for PanFS 6.0 with RAID 6+ data protection. Depending on configuration, ActiveStor 16 ships with up to 122.4 TB of capacity per 4U enclosure, providing more than 1.2 PB per rack. In production, ActiveStor 16 will achieve up to 150 GB per second data throughput with capacity that scales beyond 12 PB in a single file system. Manageability is simple and initial systems can be deployed in less than 10 minutes.”

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