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Interview: Irish Centre for High-End Computing Plans for ISC’14


“We have developed an active programme of industry engagement, typically consulting in niche areas and helping those partners exploit advanced computing within their organisations. This may be improving fraud detection algorithms, large-scale data management, tailored training courses or oil & gas related work. In fact it is very rarely about computer time! We also work with public sector bodies to support computing centric projects by the state and provide so-called platform technology support for research communities that need more than just raw cycles.”

Lessons from the Railway for Supercomputing at ISC’14


“The current time-horizon of HPC is not much more than five to ten years, with Exascale as the goal. But can we ensure that supercomputing embeds itself so deeply into the productive economy as to be indispensable a century from now? And will it be regarded as a thing of beauty, rather than just a technical artifact? And is Exascale the only destination?”

ISC’14 Makes Two Key Appointments

Prof. Dr. Arndt Bode

Today the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14) announced two key appointments to its management structure.

Interview: Transtec Solutions for HPC and Big Data Workflows


“One of the hottest topics we see is remote visualization for post-processing simulation results. One big issue in traditional workflows in technical and scientific computing is the transfer of large amounts of data from where these have been created to where they are analyzed. Streamlining this workflow by processing where the data have been created in the first place is tantamount to shorten the wall-clock time it takes end users to get final results. At the same time, hardware utilization is greatly enhanced by using innovative technology for remote 3D visualization. For this, we have long since entered into a strategic partnership with NICE.”

Dr. Klaus Schulten to Keynote ISC’14

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulten

“In his ISC’14 keynote, Professor Schulten will discuss how the atomic perspective of living cells has assumed center stage through advances in microscopy, nanotechnology and computing. Schulten will share how decades of refinements of in silico, in vitro and in vivo technologies has opened a new era in life sciences.”

Early-Bird Registration Opens for ISC’14


The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14) has opened Advance Registration. Open to engineers, IT specialists, systems developers, vendors, end users, scientists, researchers, students and other members of the HPC global community, the event will take place June 22-26 in Leipzig, Germany.

ISC’14 Adds New Track on Industry Innovation through HPC


High Performance Computing continues to gain traction out there in the enterprise. Along these lines, the ISC’14 conference has announced two-day session track entitled “Industry Innovation through HPC.”

Interview: Calyos 2-Phase Cooling for Electronic Components in HPC


“Thanks to the latent heat physical properties and its pumpless capillary structure, Calyos advanced 2-Phase cooling solutions will help the HPC world by reducing the cooling costs while significantly increasing power densities.”

In Search of the next What’s App – HPC Startup Panel at ISC’14


ISC’14 will feature a Startup panel discussion in the Exhibit Hall Monday, June 23 at 3:15pm. To learn more, I caught up with panel moderator Michael Feldman from Intersect360 Research.

ISC to Hold First-Ever Exhibitors Innovation Forum

ISC’14 has announced the first-ever Exhibitors Innovation Forum, an exciting opportunity to help first-time exhibitors at ISC share the stories behind their product development as well as recent technical or commercial successes. Their goal is to bring the successful candidates face to face with users, collaborators and the media in a new format we’re calling […]