Registration Open for Univ. of Houston Oil & Gas Workshop

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Registration is now open for the University of Houston Oil & Gas Workshop. With a theme of Directives and Tools for Accelerators: A Seismic Programming Shift, the annual event takes place Oct. 19-20 in Houston.

The speakers in this workshop will discuss directive-based standards for accelerator programming and how they can benefit HPC application development, in particular within the Oil and Gas industry. Topics will include an overview of OpenACC, the use of high-level directives on the hybrid (CPU/GPU) TITAN architecture, practical programming experience reports, and hybrid programming approaches. Presentations will also describe porting tools as well as the evolution of OpenMP and OpenACC to increase functionality and target manycore technology and more. The attendees are expected to come away with a better understanding of how high-level models can be used to accelerate their scientific and technical application codes.

Registration is free of charge for the workshop, which is organized by the HPC Tools group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Houston in collaboration with the UH Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems and the OpenACC Standards Group.

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