Still Time to Register for LAD’14 Lustre Administrators and Developers Workshop

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LAD14_Logo_webThere is still time to register for the LAD’14 Lustre Administrators and Developers Workshop. The event takes place Sept 22-23, in Reims, France.

This will be a great opportunity for Lustre worldwide administrators and developers to gather and exchange their experiences, developments, tools, good practices and more.

Topics include:

  • Lustre Releases, Peter Jones, Intel
  • Transactional, Small File, and Metadata Performance and Scalablility in Lustre 2.5: A Comprehensive Survey, Shuichi Ihara, James Coomer, Robert Triendl, DataDirect Networks
  • Lustre at DLS, Sysadmin Experience, Dave Bond, Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK
  • NCI site update (Lustre-HSM projects), Daniel Rodwell, National Computational Infrastructure, Australia
  • Challenges in making Lustre systems reliable, Roland Laifer, KIT, Germany
  • Testing Lustre for robustness and scalability, Cory Spitz, Cray
  • Testing Lustre with Xperior, Roman Grigoryev, Xyratex
  • Analyzing and Predicting LBUG’s with a Hidden Markov Model, Thomas Stibor, GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany
  • Lustre & SELinux: in theory and in practice, Sébastien Buisson, Bull
  • Fujitsu’s Lustre contributions, Kenichiro Sakai, Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Lustre Features and Ongoing Development, Andreas Dilger, Intel
  • Building a CIFS/NFS Gateway to Lustre, Chris Gouge, Xyratex
  • Monitoring the whole thing! – integration monitoring sources from clusters, Lustre and fabric, Dr. Erich Focht, NEC HPC Europe, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Scalable changelog distribution, Henri Doreau, CEA, France
  • Experiments with IO Proxies over Lustre, Grégoire Pichon, Bull
  • The current status of the adoption of ZFS as backend filesystem for Lustre: an early evaluation, Gabriele Paciucci, Andrew C Uselton and Zhiqi Tao, Intel
  • ZFS improvements for HPC, Johann Lombardi, Intel
  • From HSM to Lustre Data Management, Bret Weber, Ashley Pittman, Shuichi Ihara, Robert Triendl, DataDirect Networks
  • Performance Comparison of Lustre and HDFS for MR Applications, Rekha Singhal, Gabriele Paciucci and Mukesh Gangadhar, Tata Consultancy Services

Hurry! Registration closes on Sept. 12.


  1. How come there is not a Lustre tools discussion on the menu which is a major requirement when running a Lustre file system