Radio Free HPC Takes a Hard Look at the Two 2017 Coral Supercomputers

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In this video, the Radio Free HPC team meets at SC14 in New Orleans to discuss the recent news that Nvidia & IBM will build two Coral 150+ Petaflop Supercomputers in 2017 for Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. The two machines will feature IBM POWER9 processors coupled with Nvidia’s future Volta GPU technology. NVLink will be a critical piece of the architecture as well, along with a system interconnect powered by Mellanox.

Henry thinks that IBM will have trouble delivering, and he reminds us of what happened when they stumbled and pulled out of the Blue Waters deal at NCSA. Will this be the same story? Rich thinks they will come through, though probably 18 months late. Dan is being the pragmatic one this week. Go figure.

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