Open Fabrics Workshop to Focus on Application Performance, NVM, and SoCs

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Paul Grun speaks at 2014 OFA Workshop

Paul Grun speaks at 2014 OFA Workshop

Today the Open Fabrics Alliance announced that their upcoming International OFS Developers’ Workshop will center around three major themes: Applications Performance, Non-Volatile Memory, and Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs).

  • Focus on application performance—There will be sessions on the OpenFabrics Interface (OFI), an emerging API, the development of which is being driven by application requirements. OFI complements and enhances the existing Verbs API, and it is designed to be responsive to the performance, scalability, and latency needs of applications, middleware, and services that depend on interconnects and fabrics. Application developers, product managers, and technology experts will find these sessions essential for understanding next-generation performance improvement for Exascale, Big Data, and Cloud environments.
  • Non-volatile memory (NVM)—It’s clear that the emergence of non-volatile memory in its various configurations is having a major impact on traditional memory and storage hierarchies. These sessions will discuss the use of NVM in applications ranging from so-called byte addressable memory, to replacement of rotating media for local block storage, to the use of large capacity burst buffers to accelerate file I/O operations in distributed storage applications. These sessions will explore the network requirements necessary to fully leverage this new version of the classical memory hierarchy and will be of interest to application developers, IT site managers and planners, and networking software engineers who see an opportunity to improve I/O performance through the use of non-volatile memory.
  • Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs)—The integration into the chip module of the interconnect and memory changes how servers, memory, and storage are architected and deployed for HPC, Big Data, and Cloud Data Centers. From a networking API perspective, this impacts not only the network interface hardware, but also the way that applications running on SoCs leverage the SoC’s computing, networking, and storage resources. There will be several sessions for vendors, user technologists, and developers at this years’ workshop focusing on the value proposition of OFS to this critical developing area.

Open Fabric AllianceRegistration is now open for the Workshop, which takes place March 15-18 in Monterey, California.

The event will be followed by the OpenFabrics Software User Group, which will focus on understanding, implementing, and administering OpenFabrics Software (OFS) and the underlying hardware. View the Preliminary Agenda.

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