Poznan in Poland Goes Green with CoolIT Systems

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poznanToday CoolIT Systems announced that the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center has successfully deployed Rack DCLC liquid cooling. Through a collaboration with Huawei and Itprojektof, the company described the new installation as the most energy efficient HPC cluster in Poland.

Reducing energy usage and lowering operating costs are permanently on our check-list when planning for new high performance computing clusters,” said Radoslaw Januszewski, IT Specialist at PSNC. “Liquid cooling is the most efficient way to achieve our objectives and we are seeing excellent results and reliability from the combined Huawei and CoolIT Systems cluster.”

The Poznan solution combines Huawei blade servers in the E9000 chassis with CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC processor and memory cooling modules to remove 80% of the server heat via the liquid loop. The liquid is distributed through stainless steel manifolds utilizing all metal, dry-break quick connects for hot-swappable servicing of all the blades. The cluster, delivered by Warsaw based systems integrator Itprojekt, is an extremely efficient solution that utilizes inlet water temperatures of 40°C and beyond.

There is no escape from liquid-cooling,” said Maciej Szadkowski, Itprojekt VP / BDM. “The CoolIT technology already displaces traditional air-conditioning from server rooms and represents an absolute innovation away from proprietary, monolithic liquid systems. In place of these expensive systems unavailable for ordinary users, we applied standard blade servers supplemented by flexible liquid cooling. Itprojekt and CoolIT designed and implemented an especially economic solution available not only for supercomputing centres but also for almost any server room.”

CoolIT_weblogo3CoolIT’s Rack DCLC platform is a modular, rack-based, advanced cooling solution that allows for dramatic increases in rack densities, component performance, and power efficiencies. The technology can be deployed with any server and in any rack making it a truly flexible solution that allows for an edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

The exceptional results from the PSNC cluster demonstrates the benefits of utilizing CoolIT’s innovative direct contact liquid cooling technology for customers,” said Geoff Lyon, CEO/CTO of CoolIT Systems. “Dedicated liquid processor and RAM cooling components, combined with an extremely low power consumption heat exchange solution has enabled one of the most efficient HPC clusters in EMEA. We look forward to future collaborations with Huawei and Itprojekt.”

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