Video: Porting Scientific Apps to GPUs with OpenACC

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Saber Feki, KAUST & Ahmed Al-Jarro, Fujitsu

Saber Feki, KAUST & Ahmed Al-Jarro, Fujitsu

In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Saber Feki from KAUST and Ahmed Al-Jarro from Fujitsu Labs in Europe present: Experiences in Porting Scientific Applications to GPUs Using OpenACC.

Learn how to effectively use the directive-based OpenACC programming model to accelerate scientific applications and easily harness the computational power of GPUs. We share in this session our experiences in porting and tuning three applications to GPUs using OpenACC: (i) an explicit seismic imaging kernel used in the Reverse Time Migration and Full Waveform Inversion applications, widely used in oil and gas exploration, where we show that fine tuning some of its clauses results in better performance, (ii) an implicit solver used in CFD for simulating the fluid structure interaction of flow over airfoil, and (iii) a CEM code that is based on the time-domain volume-integral-equation for simulating transient electromagnetics using both CAPS and PGI compilers.

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