Introducing the Intel Modern Code Community

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Scott Apeland, Director, Intel Developer Program

Scott Apeland, Director, Intel Developer Program

In this slidecast from ISC 2015, Scott Apeland describes the new Intel Modern Code Developer Community.

Building on the success of the Intel Parallel Computing Centers, Intel is announcing the Intel Modern Code Developer Community to help HPC developers to code for maximum performance on current and future hardware. Targeting over 400,000 HPC-focused developers and partners, the program brings tools, training, knowledge and support to developers worldwide by offering access to a network of elite experts in parallelism and HPC. The broader developer community can now gain the skills needed to unlock the full potential of Intel hardware and enable the next decade of discovery.

Intel is also announcing the Intel Modern Code Challenge 2015, a contest in partnership with CERN and others where HPC developers can make a difference, learn valuable skills, and contribute to a social cause. Prizes include a scholarship, potential internship at CERN, trip to visit CERN in Switzerland in 2016, and a trip to the annual SC conference.​

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