Tuning Bioinformatics Codes with Allinea Performance Reports

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Mark O'Connor (left) and Rich Brueckner (right)

Mark O’Connor, Allinea (left) and Rich Brueckner (right)

In this video from ISC 2015, Mark O’Connor from Allinea demonstrates how the company’s Performance Reports tool enables coders to speed up the Discovar bioinformatics code.

Allinea Performance Reports are the most effective way to characterize and understand the performance of HPC application runs. One single-page HTML report elegantly answers a range of vital questions for any HPC site:

  • Is this application well-optimized for the system it is running on?
  • Does it benefit from running at this scale?
  • Are there I/O or networking bottlenecks affecting performance?
  • Which hardware, software or configuration changes can we make to improve performance further.

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