Atos Deploys Petaflop Supercomputer in Brazil

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Santos Dumont Supercomputer

Santos Dumont Supercomputer

Today Atos announced that the company has installed the first Petascale supercomputer in Brazil. Designed by Bull, the “Santos Dumont” system will be the largest supercomputer in Latin America and will be used by the academic community as part of a partnership with the National Scientific Computing Laboratory (LNCC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

We are very proud to equip Brazil with a world-class, Petascale High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure and to launch a R&D Center in Petrópolis that is fully integrated with our global R&D,” said Philippe Vannier, Vice-President Executive and Chief Technology Officer at Atos. “With a presence in this country stretching back over more than 50 years, the collaborative ties that bind Bull and now Atos to Brazil in terms of leading-edge technologies are significant. Atos is proud to support Brazil as it moves into a new stage in its development.”

With 1.1 Petaflops of peak performance, the Santos Dumont supercomputer places Brazil among the world’s leading group of nations that have HPC capacities. Areas like meteorology, molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics are already benefiting from having access to the equipment. Santos Dumont will make significant advances possible in research and digital simulations in sectors such as energy, oil, chemistry, physics, the environment, meteorology, astronomy, life sciences and nanotechnology.

A longtime dream of the Brazilian scientific community was to have access to mainframe computers that allow the realization of “Big Science” in a highly competitive manner,” said Pedro L. da Silva Dias, LNCC Director. “The installation of Santos Dumont, as the central node of the National System of High Performance Computing – SINAPAD turns the dream into reality.”


The supercomputer was delivered in Petrópolis on July 4th, 2015. Four special trucks were needed to transport the supercomputer and the state-of-the-art mobull containers that house it to the LNCC’s facilities. Tests of the equipment started in August this year.


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