Cycle Computing’s Rob Futrick to Keynote DataCloud 2015 in Austin

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Rob Furtrick, Cycle Computing

Rob Futrick, Cycle Computing

Today Cycle Computing announced that their CTO, Rob Futrick will be the Keynote speaker at DataCloud 2015, the 6th International Workshop on Data Intensive Computing in the Clouds. The event takes place Nov. 15 in conjunction with SC15 in Austin.

In his talk, Futrick will pose the question, “Why would you NOT use public clouds for your big compute workloads?”

“Up to now there’s been resistance to leveraging the cloud for the compute-intensive and data-intensive workloads that have historically been executed on in-house HPC environments. But data collection, analytics, and simulation demands have outpaced internal compute and storage capacity – the sheer volume of workflows required exceeds capacity and capabilities. The lure of zero queue times, unlimited amounts of a wide variety of architectures, and the ability to directly fit jobs to budget/value instead to available capacity is proving impossible to resist. So more enterprises are turning to the public cloud providers to run their cutting-edge genomics, machine learning, simulation, and scientific computation workflows. In this talk we’ll discuss several large-scale scientific workloads running on public cloud. We’ll cover many of the challenges and discuss how public clouds can enable better, faster science. We’ll analyze the patterns and implications we see as a result of this trend towards utilizing public cloud.”

As CTO, Rob drives the company’s vision: that greater access to compute enables people to ask bigger questions, obtain faster answers to help create a better world. He brings more than 17 years of engineering and management experience to Cycle. As an AWS user since 2007, he’s equally eager to discuss the benefits of the cloud, as well as share the scars he’s accumulated over years spent in the trenches. Prior to Cycle, Rob studied computer science at Cornell University, and co-founded Immersive Technologies, among other endeavors.

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