Cycle Computing’s Rob Futrick to Keynote DataCloud 2015 in Austin

Today Cycle Computing announced that their CTO, Rob Futrick will be the Keynote speaker at DataCloud 2015, the 6th International Workshop on Data Intensive Computing in the Clouds. The event takes place Nov. 15 in conjunction with SC15 in Austin. In his talk, Futrick will pose the question, “Why would you NOT use public clouds for your big compute workloads?”

Students Win ASC15 Competition with K80 GPUs

Over at the Nvidia Blog, George Middleton writes that Tesla K80 GPUs powered the winning team from Tsinghua University at the recent ASC15 International Student Cluster Competition.

Tsinghua University Wins ASC15 Student Cluster Challenge

Today the 2015 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC15) announced the winners of what they’re calling “the largest supercomputer contest in the world.” In total, 16 teams battled it out in the final round of the event, which took place last week at Taiyuan University of Technology in China.

Video: Hong Kong Students Gear Up for ASC15 Student Cluster Challenge

In this video, students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong gear up for the ASC15 Student Cluster Competition. “Over 100 international universities are expected to register for ASC15, while the number of overseas university is expected to exceed 50,” said ASC Executive Director Dr. Qing (Kitty) Ji.”