Video: The Road to the Sierra/Coral Supercomputer

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Robin Goldstone, Advanced Technologies Office, LLNL

Robin Goldstone, Advanced Technologies Office, LLNL

In this video from the 2016 Stanford HPC Conference, Robin Goldstone from LLNL presents: The Road to the Sierra/Coral Supercomputer.

The US Department of Energy Coral procurement award reflects a major shift underway in HPC – going from peak FLOPS to FOMs – where performance is measured in GB/MPI. As computing continues to move toward a more data centric era – interest in application performance and the ability to run increasingly large datasets is growing rapidly. The amount of science achieved versus the volume of numbers crunched is the new metric of success for HPC. As it readies for Sierra, a new IBM-based platform, LLNL is not only defining the metrics as it paves the road to Coral, it is taking the first giant steps on the path toward Exascale. This talk will provide an overview of Coral and reveal the plans and progress to evolve applications for Sierra and future large-scale systems.

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