Silicon Mechanics is Intel’s ‘Channel Cares’ Partner of the Year

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siliconmechanicsToday Silicon Mechanics announced that the company was recently named one of the Intel Corporation’s 2015 ISS Partner’s of the Year, specifically with Intel’s Channel Cares program. TheISS Partner of the Year award is given out each year at the company’s Intel Solutions Summit to 16 different partners across 16 different categories ranging from retail to security to healthcare, cloud solutions and more. This is the first time that Silicon Mechanics has appeared on the prestigious list.

Since we started the annual RCG program in 2012, our sole objective has been to give back to the research community by offering innovations in HPC technology to worthy organizations who might not otherwise be able to fund these systems,” said Silicon Mechanics President/CEO Eva Cherry. “We couldn’t do this without our amazing network of partners, like Intel, who are vital to the success of the RCG program. We thank Intel for the years of support for RCG, and for the recognition that through these efforts, we are enabling researchers and educational institutions to accelerate important new findings in a wide range of studies.”

According to Intel, Silicon Mechanics was chosen because of its ongoing Research Cluster Grant (RCG), which is in its fifth year and recently awarded high-performance computing clusters to the University of New Orleans and the University of California, Merced worth over $100,000 each. The award recognized the power of the RCG, and noted that it is, “giving back to the educational community [and] helping to jumpstart research efforts where access to high-performance computing is limited, outdated or was not previously available. [The RCG also] promotes collaboration across departments and researchers by providing cluster technology to positively impact research efforts.”

At the University of New Orleans, the HPC cluster will be used to build on the strengths of the medicinal chemistry, cyber security, advanced materials design, information assurance and computational biology programs featured at the university. The HPC equipment will improve research in big data analytical methods for cyber security and digital forensic purposes, the development of GPU-accelerated tools for computational chemistry, cyber-security and bioinformatics and university resources using dockers and containers to solve scientific problems.

7945.orig.q75.o0ptAnd at the University of California, Merced, the HPC cluster will provide the university a variety of scientific research and training opportunities, including the capacity to train a diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students on a full set of computational skills needed to be competitive in the job market as independent researchers.

Previous RCG awardees include both Dordt College and City College of New York (CCNY) in 2015, Wayne State University in 2014, Tufts University in 2013 and Saint Louis University in 2012. Silicon Mechanics’ partners that have donated product to this year’s grant include Intel, NVIDIA, Mellanox, Supermicro, Micron, Broadcom Limited, Seagate, Western Digital, HGST, and Bright Computing.

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