One Stop Systems 200TB Flash Storage Array SAN gets Rave Review

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8606-New_w_600Today One Stop Systems announced the results of High-Tech Online Magazine Tom’s IT PRO’s review of the 200TB Flash Storage Array SAN (FSA-SAN). OSS’ FSA-SAN provides 200TB of shared Flash RAIDed memory with a choice of the fastest SAN connectivity options including Fiber Channel, Infiniband, and iSCSI.

One Stop Systems’ expertise in PCI Express expansion and custom systems reaches new heights by bringing together the latest in Intel-based processing and state-of-the-art Flash storage to provide a storage area network (SAN) appliance that can be expanded to a petabyte of fast network storage,” said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. “We have partnered with the leading providers of server boards, silicon, and PCIe Flash boards to provide this unique product. Powered by Haswell processors on an eleven-slot server board, this engine is especially built to support PCIe expansion. The server is cabled to each 200TB Flash storage array with a 128Gb/s connection. The server/Flash array combination only requires 5U of rack space, saving two racks of space by other conventional means. This makes the FSA-SAN the best choice for networked storage.”

Comprised of a unique combination of a Haswell-based engine and 200TB Flash arrays, the FSA-SAN can be increased to a petabyte of storage with additional Flash arrays. Each 200TB array delivers millions of IOPS, making it the ideal platform for high-speed data recording and processing with lightning fast data response time, high-availability and flexibility in the cloud. A local IPMI module optimizes each array’s parameters to the environment while allowing the power user to set features through SNMP or the built-in user interface based on the overall policy of the installation. Powered by the newest Intel E5-2600 v3 “Haswell” processors, the engine features up to eleven PCIe 3.0 half-height, full-length expansion slots and has a variety of front panel storage options.

The test results indicate that users can reach over 6 million IOPS and 26Gb/s of throughput from the full complement of SSDs with multiple hosts. There are SSDs on the market currently, and many more headed to the market in the future that offer more performance than both of the SSD models we utilized in our tests. Users will likely achieve better performance with newer SSD models, particularly in less-intense workloads due to enhanced scaling, as the ecosystem continues to mature. For a detailed explanation of numbers see,2-31.html.

The full range of One Stop System’s PCIe-based products is indicative of the wealth of PCIe engineering experience it has amassed during its decade in the industry. From the battlefield to the data center, One Stop Systems designed the Flash Storage Array 200 to offer the most throughput and highest density possible, while still allowing users to custom-select their PCIe SSD of choice,” wrote Paul Alcorn, Contributing Editor for Tom’s IT Pro.

The FSA-SAN with 200TB of Flash storage is available with OEM volumes. Call the factory and speak with one of our sales engineers for pricing and lead time.

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