Preliminary Agenda Posted for HPC User Forum in Austin, Sept. 6-8

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Steve Conway and Earl Joseph of IDC

Steve Conway and Earl Joseph of IDC

IDC has published the preliminary agenda for their next HPC User Forum. The event will take place Sept. 6-8 in Austin, Texas.

Don’t miss the chance to hear top experts on these high-innovation, high-growth areas of the HPC market. At this meeting, you’ll also hear about government initiatives to get ready for future-generation supercomputers, machine learning, and High Performance Data Analytics.

Speakers include:

  • Leonardo Flores, European Commission
  • Paul Messina, ECP
  • Matt Vaughn, TACC
  • David Pellerin, Amazon Web Services
  • Andy Jones, NAG
  • Nikos Trikoupis, City University of New York
  • Lloyd Slonaker, AFRL
  • Sharan Kalwani, ICER Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research
  • Hans- Joachim Bungartz, Technical University of Munich
  • Ruby Mendenhall, University of Illinois
  • Ranjan Sinha, eBay
  • Keith Gray, BP
  • Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl, PGS
  • David Bernholdt, ORNL
  • Scott Mitchell, BP
  • John Etgen, BP

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In related news, the next International HPC User Forum events take place in Beijing Sept. 22-23 and Oxford Sept. 29-30.

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