Fujitsu Unveils Processor Details for Post-K Computer

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20160823_01_index_pic_2The Fujitsu Journal has posted details on a recent Hot Chips presentation by Toshio Yoshida about the instruction set architecture (ISA) of the Post-K processor.

Fujitsu, as a lead provider has been collaborating closely with ARM and contributed to the development of the HPC extensions (called SVE) for ARMv8-A, a cutting edge ISA optimized for a wide range of HPC. Fujitsu is developing a new HPC processor conforming to ARMv8-A with SVE for the Post-K computer, based on our own microarchitecture, as used in our ongoing SPARC64 and mainframe processor development.”

Slated for delivery sometime around 2022, the ARM-based Post-K Computer has a performance target of being 100 times faster than the original K computer within a power envelope that will only be 3-4 times that of its predecessor.

The Post-K processor employs the ARM ISA, developed by ARM Ltd., with enhancements for supercomputer use. Meanwhile, Fujitsu has been developing the microarchitecture of the processor. In Fujitsu’s presentation, we also explained that our development of mainframe processors and UNIX server SPARC processors will continue into the future. The reason that Fujitsu is able to continuously develop multiple processors is our shared microarchitecture approach to processor development.


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