Nor-Tech to Offer Clusters with Intel HPC Orchestrator

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Today Nor-Tech announced the imminent rollout of clusters integrated with the Intel HPC Orchestrator. HPC Orchestrator is a licensed, value-add version of OpenHPC that will be supported by Intel and Nor-Tech. It has a Q4 product release date.

“We worked with Intel on the development and testing of HPC Orchestrator for several months,” said Nor-Tech President and CEO David Bolli. “Essentially it is Intel’s highly evolved, licensed version of the OpenHPC platform with the real bonus of continual OpenHPC innovations and improvements well into the future.”

HPC Orchestrator is designed to simplify HPC system software implementation and maintenance. It provides a pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-validated software stack that can significantly reduce the time required to integrate, configure, and maintain validated, reliable system software. It uses a hierarchical structure that allows dependency tracking across multiple MPI and compiler families.

According to Nor-Tech, the company’s affordable clusters will pair well with HPC Orchestrator and are available in iterations that include: ultra-quiet clusters, ruggedized portable clusters, true open-source software clusters featuring OpenFOAM and ParaView, and clusters with a combination of those attributes.

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